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Jack Ninivaggi (Proprietor)  


In today's musical entertainment market, there are a few small established D.J. companies that are willing to give top quality sound & light packages to fit everyone's needs and budget.  The honest truth is, with rising equipment costs the way they are, who can afford to offer top quality equipment?  so what happens?  The customer calls the larger company that gives he or she what they want, but at double of what they can afford.  And where does personal service go?  Out the back door!

So this brings us back to the question, who is Jackie Navin?  Jackie Navin, my stage name, is the owner and operator of Jackie Navin's Accent Music Makers, the music company that offers personal service, high quality sound & light equipment, an extensive compact disc library that ranges from present, back to 1930, and most important of all, prices that fit everyone's budget. By the way my real name is Jack Ninivaggi. Jackie Navin is a little easier to remember.

I started in the music business in 1973 as a drummer.  I began doing some D.J. work part time, but by 1974 I already knew that spinning the turntables would probably be my career.  By the end of 1974 I was doing more D.J. business than playing in the band.

So here I am, schooled from musical experience, and ready to offer you some great deals on the event I will make memorable for you and your guests.

Thank You,

Jack Ninivaggi

Jackie Navin

*Great Sound Equipment

*Huge CD Library

*Professional Appearance

*Always on Time

*Dressed to Impress with

   Personality to Match!


We do it all—Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays,            Class Reunions, Holiday Parties, Corporate Events, etc.


We Love What We Do and It Shows!

Call Today for Free Information and a Price Quote!

For more information, please e-mail us at:

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